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Local, free range, whole roasting chickens available weekly or bi-weekly with your fresh veggie bundle!

Chicken share (5lb) - whole season $360.00 Price:
Chicken share (6.5lb) - whole season $470.00 Price:
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In addition to vegetables, we offer shares of local, free range roasting chickens during our 12-week Summer CSA, for pickup with your weekly veggie bundle.

Our shares of whole roasting chickens come in two sizes:
SMALL birds (5lb) or LARGE birds (6.5lb)

(Available as weekly or bi-weekly option, with price difference calculated at checkout)

Weekly shares receive 12 chickens total over the season; Bi-weekly shares receive 6 chickens total.

Chickens are provided by Murray and Carolyn Herbert of Herbert Family Farm in the Edberg area.