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Locally milled bread flour from organic ancient + heritage grains. Delivered weekly in 1kg or 2kg amounts with your weekly vegetable share. (See more below)

Whole Grain Wheat (1kg) $9.15  Qty: Price:
Whole Grain Wheat (2kg) $14.50  Qty: Price:
Sifted Wheat Flour (1kg) $9.85  Qty: Price:
Sifted Wheat Flour (2kg) $16.65  Qty: Price:
All-purpose Flour (1kg) $9.35  Qty: Price:
All-purpose Flour (2kg) $14.75  Qty: Price:
Rye Flour (1kg) $8.35  Qty: Price:
Rye Flour (2kg) $11.75  Qty: Price:
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Our local, stone ground bread flour is milled fresh with the highest quality organic grains and at low temperature to retain its nutritional value. This top quality product brings a bold and nutty flavour to your breads.

Available as 1kg or 2kg bags delivered weekly with your fresh veggie bundles, offered in four options:

WHOLE GRAIN WHEAT FLOUR - stone ground from ancient Red Fife Wheat, this flour retains 100% of the wheat germ, bran, and all other nutrients.
SIFTED WHEAT FLOUR - a lighter, whiter flour where 70% of the bran and germ have been removed from the stone ground, whole grain Red Fife flour.
WHOLE GRAIN RYE FLOUR - stone ground from organic rye berries, this flour retains 100% of the nutritious bran and germ.
ALL-PURPOSE FLOUR - unbleached, nutritious flour that is masterfully milled from hard Red Spring Wheat, and used by the top bakers in Alberta. A superior all purpose flour.

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Flours are provided by Jason Stuka of Stukas Flour in Camrose, AB.